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KPPFree™ Testimonials

I just wanted to let everyone know how much I appreciate having the Premier Provider option with Kempton Group.

I am post op 3 weeks from bilateral carpel tunnel surgery at Houston Physicians Hospital. The surgeon’s office called and set up my appointment for the next afternoon… I went to the appointment and set the date for surgery. I arrived at the surgery center and I ended up being the only surgery that was a Saturday!!! Everyone was amazing the lady at the front desk and pre-op nurse kept me smiling. The anesthesiologist and surgeon came by and talked about what was going to happen and asked if I had any questions. I went in the operating room and when I left the hospital a few hours later my carpel tunnel pain was gone!!! I have had my follow up with the surgeon and have referred a co-worker there that has since taken her daughter there for surgery.
--Lynn Pyle, El Campo, TX

I wanted to let you know about our experience with the new insurance company we have. My husband needed a hernia repaired and we had been working with a doctor that was giving us the run around for months. When we got Advantage Health Plans I added my husband to the insurance. When the representative came and talked with us about how the insurance works I was impressed. Then when I found out that hernia repairs were covered under the KPPFree that made me even happier because then there was no out of pocket cost for us. We called the KPPFree on Dec. 27th, 2015. Within a week they had set us up with a doctor in our area. After we were set up with our new doctor we meet Christa Franklin. Christa is a Physician relations manager. She was amazing from the start, not only was she a go between for us and the doctor’s office she also checked on my husband after all of his test and appointments. Christa went above and beyond anything we could of expected. Before my husband’s surgery she gave him a full tour of the surgical center. On the day of my husband’s surgery she came down to the waiting area so that I would not be by myself the whole time and to make sure that my husband was ok and taken care of. The day after surgery she was calling to make sure he was still good and if we need anything. So we are so happy with our experience with Advantage and hope that we stay with them for a long time. They are professional, courteous, and go above and beyond to help out their customers.

I know that some people are quick to talk about the bad and forget to talk about the good, so I just wanted to make sure to give these peoples the kudos they deserve.
--Participant, Canyon Lake, TX

I recently had an arthroscopic procedure to repair some damage to my right knee and want to share with you my gratitude for the health insurance offered to me through FNB.

When I learned that I needed the surgery, I immediately contacted the Kempton Group to see if the surgery was available at one of the Premier Providers. Words cannot express the excitement when I learned it was covered at 100%! By the way, the $4700 MRI was also covered at 100%. I may never know what the surgery, doctor, anesthesia, or anesthesiologist cost, because I was told that I would not receive bills from anyone. Since my procedure was performed in San Antonio, the Kempton Group made reservations for and paid for us to stay two nights in a very nice Marriott Suite, the night before surgery as well as the night following. They even pay for travel and food. How awesome is that!

I know that we all went to the training about how our insurance works, but when talking with the people arranging for my surgery it was explained to me that insurance saved 82% by my going to a Premier Provider for my procedure; meaning insurance paid less for the procedure, hotel, meals, and travel than if I had it gone to a hospital in Austin to have it done. I did not have to meet my deductible, nor did I have any co-pay. That means I saved 100%!

We loved the doctor and I received excellent care at the surgery center. It could not have been a better experience, and I'm healing nicely. So if there is surgery in your near future, I encourage you to go through one of the Premier Providers and be amazed like we are! Not every procedure is covered under this plan, but many are.

I love my job and those that I work beside. I am especially grateful that the President of FNB, along with others sharing "Good Morning FNB" encourage us from their Christian beliefs. We are not alone, God is faithful, and I am very blessed!
--Participant, Bastrop, TX

My 10 month old has had repeated problems with ear infections since she was 4 weeks old. At 9 month her pediatrician decided it was time for tubes. I knew this was a long time coming. After a recent insurance meeting that discussed the new programs our insurance offers through SCO and McBride Orthopedic Surgery Centers; I quickly looked up all of the procedures they would offer for FREE through our insurance. The procedure for tubes (not sure of the proper title), was on the list! The end of July 2012, when the doctor said it’s time for tubes, as soon as I got in my car I called the number on the back of my insurance card to discuss what my options were. I spoke with Kanda, who by the way, was extremely friendly, informational, and very helpful. She told me the steps I would need to take to get started and when I was ready to set everything up, to let her know. I was also told that depending on the distance of my drive, insurance might be able to take care of my gas and overnight stay if the consultation and surgery were back to back. The 2nd week of August 2012, I called Kanda back and told her I was ready to get everything set up. She gave me the number to Surgery Center and told me I would speak to Tiffany (who was helpful as well). I told her what I was needing to have set up, and from there she handled everything. She made the phone call to the surgeon’s office that took care of us. Dr. Mark Gilchrest was the surgeon that performed the procedure. From there, his office called me with what information they needed from me. We set up a time and date for the consultation with Dr. Gilchrest. Since I was coming from the Tulsa area, I requested that the surgery be the next day if at all possible. The receptionist said he had openings the day after our consultation for the procedure and would pencil our name in for surgery, once the Dr. okayed the surgery at consultation. Knowing that was the reason we were going down there for, I was sure we would do the surgery the next day, and we did. Once we were told surgery was for sure the next day, I called Kanda back to let her know and she booked our hotel right away; in my name, but not on my credit card!

Like any mother, I was hesitant of driving from Tulsa to OKC to meet a doctor for the first time who is going to be working with my baby. With the thought of everything being FREE in the back of my mind, I did wonder if these doctors were 2nd rate doctors, not so nice offices, etc., just being honest! That was not the case in anyway. We arrived on Wednesday morning, 8/29/12 for the consultation with the audiologist and Dr. Gilchrest, and the procedure was the very next morning; she was the first patient. EVERY step of the way was smooth and easy. Dr. Gilchrest was extremely wonderful. All of the staff, anesthesiologist, nurses, and nurse tech’s were very clean, helpful, and comforting. We were going in for a very simple and easy procedure, but everything was explained more than once in a very understanding and comforting way. God forbid we need to use SCO again, I would do it in a heartbeat! Thank you Kanda, Kempton, Dr. Gilchrest and SCO for a great experience!
--Participant, Advantage Health Plans

"This surgery center is available to us to use and our insurance states it will pay 100%. If you are like me you are wondering what are the hidden costs? Well, from my own experience, I can tell you that there are no hidden fees..." (continue reading) (PDF)
--Participant, Kempton Group Administrators, Inc.

"My husband needed to have a growth removed from his eye. I called SCO and was speaking with the appropriate doctor and had an appointment in less than 24 hours. Dr. Scott was fantastic and ended up doing the procedure in his office the day of the consultation. It was still covered at 100%! Love this benefit and all the awesome folks at the Surgery Center!"
--Megan Freedman, Employee, The Kempton Company

"Surgery Center is first class. Very pleased. Great service from a hospital? Wow, that was different! Thank you Advantage, for a better product and $4,000 savings."
--Bank President, Oklahoma

"I not only work at the Kempton Group/Advantage Health Plans, but also was a patient recently at the Surgery Center, and let me tell you it was the best experience ever..... not only was I treated with compassion but my pain is so minimal that I can actually function and do most of my daily tasks. The nursing staff at Surgery Center of Oklahoma made me feel like I was the only patient there and they gave me their full attention and I never had to ask a question because they were constantly keeping me informed of every step of my journey there with them. I can tell you that my experience with their staff has not only made me feel more confident of this new benefit provided but I can now be an advocate for Kempton and Surgery Center, letting our members know that it is not only a money saving benefit but a very pleasant experience when dealing with a medical surgery, and we all know that a surgery can be quite stressful."
--Kanda Ramos, Member Services, The Kempton Group administrator of Advantage Health Plans Trust

"It was wonderful! I tell you what, it was the smoothest process. It was excellent. I kept asking them, 'Are you sure I don't owe you anything?' I was thinking it has to be a trick, but it's NOT!! I have been with Kempton for 32 years, and I really feel like this new program is wonderful. I had been talking about this procedure with my regular doctor. Then I called Kempton to find out how much I would be out of pocket. Kanda told me about SCO. And I'm so glad she did. This is wonderful. They make you feel so comfortable!"
--Participant, Sapulpa, Oklahoma

"Everything went really good. By Monday, my soreness was gone and my back is better! I need to have another procedure soon and I'm going back there to have it done."
--Participant, Lawton, Oklahoma

"Everything went very well. Since they knew I was driving in from out of town, they made my appointment later in the day. After filling out the paperwork, it couldn't have gone quicker."
--Participant, Laverne, Oklahoma
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