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KPPFree™ Terms and Conditions

Only available for covered services. Please refer to your Summary Plan Description for a list of covered services. Qualified High Deductible Health Plans must meet the deductible before getting services at 100% by law. Each Participant has a free choice to use any provider for the treatment of any medical condition. You are not required to use any KPPFree provider. You and your physician are ultimately responsible for determining the appropriate course of medical treatment. Neither the Plan nor the Plan Administrator make any warranty as to the quality of care that may be rendered by any provider. It is important that you be familiar with the services offered by the KPPFree™ and that you make an appropriate evaluation of the services offered. This Consumer Driven Option provides payment only for services that are otherwise covered. If you use an KPPFree provider for a service that is not covered under the Plan, the Plan will not pay for the service. This Consumer Driven Option is subject to the Plan exclusions, limitations or other restrictions listed in the Plan which may apply. If enrolled in a Qualified High Deductible Health Plan, you must meet the deductible and any mandated out-of-pocket expenses before getting services at 100% by law.

Please note: If you have other primary insurance this benefit is not available. If you are unsure whether your other insurance is primary, please contact us.

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